Packaged Bees

Bee Hive with lot of Bees!This season we are offering 3 banded Italians and Russian hybrids.

3 Banded Italian: Bred from resistant survivor stock. No chemicals have been used. These bees are relatively gentle and calm. Strong disposition to brood rearing, which provides a large population for nectar collection and continues even during nectar slowdowns. Which in turn results in high stored food consumption during the inactive winter months.

Russian Hybrid: These bees are resistant to varroa mites, which can be a huge issue with bees. No chemicals have been used with this bees. They are exceptionally hardy during the winter months and are excellent honey producers.


2016 Prices

PLEASE NOTE - We are now SOLD OUT of all packaged bees.

Nucs will be available throughout the summer. Click here to visit our Nucs page.


We would like to thank you for a great 2016 season. We hope to serve you again next year!

      - Ron, Carrie, Tom and Todd



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Packaged Bees Italian Honey Bee Russian Honey Bee

Packaged Bees Ready for Shipment

Italian Honey Bee

Russian Honey Bee

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