Packaged Bees

Bee Hive with lot of Bees!This season we are offering 3 banded Italians and Russian hybrids.

3 Banded Italian: Bred from resistant survivor stock. No chemicals have been used. These bees are relatively gentle and calm. Strong disposition to brood rearing, which provides a large population for nectar collection and continues even during nectar slowdowns. Which in turn results in high stored food consumption during the inactive winter months. We recommend that all beginner bee keepers start with the Italian bees.

Russian Hybrid: These bees are resistant to varroa mites, which can be a huge issue with bees. No chemicals have been used with this bees. They are exceptionally hardy during the winter months and are excellent honey producers.


2016 Prices

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Packaged Bees Italian Honey Bee Russian Honey Bee

Packaged Bees Ready for Shipment

Italian Honey Bee

Russian Honey Bee

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